Safari security popup

Some readers and web developers have reported an issue while clicking on email links (mail to) on websites, receiving the following message:

This website has been blocked from automatically composing an email.


This website has been blocked from automatically composing an email.

This issue has been reported on Safari web browser across all Apple devices: iPad and iPhone IOS and Mac OSX. Seems that this is caused by Google Tag Manager tracking code.

Everytime a link that requires an external application is clicked on a page containing Google’s Scripts, a javascript code is executed. To prevent malicious code opening applications (such as email or the Appstore) Safari triggers a popup to warn the user.

Although a mailto link should be avoided, a solution for this is to disable tracking code  (listeners) for email links on GTM under google exclusions.

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Powerpoint Bullet and Numbered Lists in Adobe Captivate 6 for Mac

Adobe Captivate is a pretty nice tool to create interactive e-learning content. However, like any other software, it’s not 100% bug free.

In this post I will show how to work around one of those bugs when importing PowerPoint presentations with bullet lists or number lists into Captivate

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Spotlight on Business

During the last week of 2010 and the first week of 2011 Vidor Media Productions will be featured at the Spotlight on Business at the Harris Bank Downtown Palatine branch.

As an added bonus, during the first week of 2011, we will be taking free portrait pictures* at the Harris Bank Downtown Palatine branch between 11:30am and 1:30pm. All pictures will become part of a collage that will be donated to Harris Bank.
Come show your support for your local bank and your local business and be a part of our work of art!

*A digital copy of the picture will be provided free of charge for personal use only.
*One picture per model.

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Palatine High School Basketball T-Shirts

T-shirts for the Palatine High School Basketball team have arrived! Vidor Media Productions is one of the proud sponsors for this season’s fund raising t-shirts.
We wish the best of luck for all the young athletes in the team. Go Pirates!

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What’s with all the hubba-hubba?

We are pleased to announce that the 2011 Vidor Media Productions’ brochure is baked and ready to be enjoyed by you. Get your limited copy while they are still available at no cost. post-it with sloganThat’s right, they are free and shipping is on us! No hidden catch, no strings attached.

To order just click the continue reading and fill the form with your information. For an autographed and personalized note,  just select the “Autographed” check box.

We know you’re thinking: “but it’s just a brochure, what’s with all the excitement?”

Well, you will have to see with your very own eyes. You’ll probably want to frame it, save it in a safe box to show it to your grand kids, give it as a gift to someone you love, … you’ll probably get so excited not knowing what to do with it that you’ll just might end up shredding it to pieces and throwing in your recycling bin… well, maybe not that… but if you feel the urge, just pass it along.

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Synth-pop is not dead

Brazilian musician, P.A. came to VMP’s headquarters for advice on new programming techniques for synthesizers and soft-synths. P.A. kindly allowed us to film him performing the result of a geek fun filled night.

P.A. is member of “Depeche Mode Electro Tribute” band.

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Group Groove Class Photoshoot at the Buehler YMCA

Vidor Media Productions spend this morning at the Buehler YMCA photographing the Group Groove Class. The energy and enthusiasm of instructor and students allowed us to capture some great moments and pictures.

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Spry and JavaScript to Display Random XML Records

Below is a quick addition to the Spry 1.6 framework code created using DreamWeaver’s default  data source code, to allow a random record to be displayed. This can come handy when you need to create a random testimonial in plain HTML and XML (no database and PHP needed).

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Smile Sculptors

A few years ago I was asked by Dr. Eliso Marques da Silva, DDS to create a soundtrack for the opening credits for the weekly reality TV show Smile Sculptors1. They now stream the weekly shows on their website make sure you check it out and leave a friendly comment on their site mentioning you heard the song. More is on the way, since the feed back has been great!

1 Smile Sculptors is a weekly Brazilian reality show with interviews on dental health and showcasing the latest dental technology and trends in dentistry. Smile Sculptors airs Sunday 9:30 a.m. on Record Networks and on Thursdays at 10:30p.m. on NET Network (channel 20).

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Back to Square One

In the ever exiting and flourishing world of Content Management Systems (CMS), you can almost lose yourself searching the one that’s just right for you.

After a lot of research and testing several different CMS applications you end up discovering that all of them have great and not so great features. Sometimes one might wonder if it’s worth going through the trouble of installing, learning the always steep curve of how to configure the back end, and apply a unique template just to realize that, in the end, there was not really much to say on a weblog.

My journey in search of the perfect CMS not only involved having the capability of adding new content but also the ease of doing it through mobile devices (such as the iPhone), adding new static pages without having to use Dreamweaver, Coda, or some other web editor, add new menus, allow commenting, allow me to tweak the code if I felt like doing it  (so it had to be open source), and to customize the layout so it wouldn’t look like every other website with a weblog out there.

I first started (quite a few years ago) with Movable Type in its early releases, it was a great tool, however the constant comment spamming would prove to be a major deal breaker. The search led me to find Mambo which not shortly after found its original developers breaking away from the project to develop Joomla!, which I also followed (after all, we have got to stick it to the man!) and used it for quite a while. I became a  Joomla! fanatic, developing my own modules, changing code and making it my own CMS, however changing layout proved to be a daunting task. It turned out that the designer in me overcame my developer and I decided that it was time to restart the search.

Others came around:Typo3, Plone, newer versions of Movable Type (amazing tool!), Drupal (another great CMS) and even attempts of developing my own miniCMS for Vidor Media Productions proved not being the right tool, until Automattic the creators of WordPress, released the latest version of WordPress (2.7). Oh what a joy!

Once again wiped the server clean and created a fresh install of WordPress. I have to say that the folks at Six Apart did a great job, and hopefully the open source community will help to develop this great tool.

Now enough of playing around with installing, uninstalling and configuring and let’s focus on helping you focus on what’s important!

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